While it’s usually perfectly legal to brew your own wine, beer or cider at home, it may not be legal to distill spirits. Check your local regulations before attempting anything like this. In some countries you may be allowed to distill a small quantity, while in others you may not be allowed to distill spirits at all.

The upside if this is that you will get a much higher quantity of the base wine than you would get with distillation, as there are modest losses in the process unless you use professional equipment.
This video is basically an insight into making a generic wine base for the addition of fruit cordials for flavoring, or even distillation of that base into a spirit in countries that permit it. Rather than go the traditional route of fermenting real fruit slowly over a long period of time, I show the absolute trash approach of banging out something that can be made in a week or less, and rivals the luridly flavored adult alcopops often sold as “cider” which often have no connection to actual apples at all other than the flavorings and bulk addition of malic acid.
This information is provided for scientific interest and not with an intent to turn you all into raving alcoholics.

Even if you’re not really into drinking alcoholic beverages, brewing and distillation is still quite an interesting subject with lots of diverse information on the Internet.

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